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App of the Week: Appzilla 4

Okay, so I may have blogged about Appzilla 2 and Appzilla 3 before. But now Appzilla 4 is out there, and if you haven’t purchased one already, you need to. It’ s one of the few apps that I will ever blog about that cost money. Not that I don’t pay for apps. I’ve yet […]

App of the Week: Field Trip

Whether you are looking for something to do close to home, or on vacation this year, you need to make sure you have the Field Trip app. The app lets you know what landmarks, local attractions, restaurants, shopping, festivals, and concerts are close to you. It will also provide you with the history of the […]

App of the Week: How to Draw

With summer upon us I thought I’d give you a fun app to keep the kiddos busy! This fun (FREE) app does just that! Does anyone besides remember the commercial where you could send off for this instruction for a price? Gotta love the world wide web and apps! From the developer: Learn to draw […]

App of the Week: Sports Alert

Here’s one for all the sports enthusiasts out there – Sports Alert is an app that will give you real live scores of all your teams. My friend Charlie loves it because he can keep up with the Texas Rangers baseball game and get live updates – without paying for the MLB app, like  my son does. […]