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Archives for October, 2011

Consumer Cafe: Pumpkin Nutella Bread

That’s right kids, Nutella and pumpkin. Nutella is my new favorite ingredient. I found this yummy recipe at realmomkitchen.com.  You can make this recipe as four mini loaves, two regular loaves, or even muffins. Note the bottom of the recipe where she states she would add in even more Nutella.  My kind of gal! Pumpkin […]

Glam Alert: Laura Geller Brow Marker

The thing I love about this brow marker is it is not a pencil.  I can never make each eyebrow look the same with a brow pencil. The Laura Geller Brow Marker is a marker with a very thin tip, which allows you to finely color in any bare spots on your eyebrows, without making […]

Website of the Week: exposures online.com

Exposuresonline.com is the place to go if you are looking for photo albums. They have a very large selection, and most can be personalized.   They also carry storage for photos, cards, and keepsakes. Beautiful picture frames Photo Christmas Cards And really cute photo gifts  

Humidifiers Have Multiple Benefits

I drag out the humidifier about this time every year. I know it’s time because I start waking up every morning with a horrible headache. I have been using a humidifier for many years now and would highly recommend if you don’t already use one. In addition to keeping my nose and throat all moist […]