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Un-Du Adhesive Remover

I’ve recently been assigned the task of scanning all my mom’s photo albums, to put on flash drives and give to my brothers, so we all have a copy of our family photos. That’s fifty years of photos! And my mother loved to “make a memory”. That’s what she always said when taking pictures. It […]

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

You are going to love me today boys and girls! We all know about Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, right? And that it gets rid of marks on floors, walls, and more? Well, it’s the “MORE”, Imma gonna tell you about today! This is the driver’s seat in my car. I have used every cleaner known […]

Taking a Break

Taking a little break to enjoy some fun and sun! Will be back with you on May 12, 2014. Try to manage without me! Now, before you click off, I doubt you’ve read all of my 789 posts! So, spend some time with the search bar or categories you might be interested. There’s still plenty here […]

Website of the Week: poppin.com

I’ve been in a crazy state of organizing my office lately, and wanted to share a site that has some great products to spruce up any office. I remember the days when someone would quit (or be fired) and we would all rush over to the desk as soon as they were gone to check to […]