I’ve recently been assigned the task of scanning all my mom’s photo albums, to put on flash drives and give to my brothers, so we all have a copy of our family photos. That’s fifty years of photos! And my mother loved to “make a memory”. That’s what she always said when taking pictures. It became such a family joke.

So, I’ve blogged before about the great scanner I have. I have scanned my entire set of family photos, and now I’m almost done with my mom’s photographs, and this scanner hasn’t given me so much as a hiccup. The sad thing is, I purchased it for $85, and it’s now $275. I was informed of this huge price difference last Christmas when one of my friend’s husbands wanted to get her one for Christmas. I will give you the same advice I gave him. Look at what else is offered on amazon.com, and as long as the resolution is the same, and the reviews are good, go for it.

Now, back to the subject. I was able to scan all of the photographs my mother kept except for two large photo albums that covered all the adorable baby pictures of my older brother and I. That was back in the day when people actually glued photos to the page. I tried carefully with a butter knife to get it off and could tell I was going to ruin the photo. I love Goo Gone, but knew that would leave a greasy mess, so I researched and found Un-Du Adhesive Remover. It’s just what I was looking for. Acid free, so it won’t ruin the photograph.

You can find it at Michaels, Wal-Mart, or amazon.com.