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Archives for December, 2011

Replace the Plastic or Paper with Reisenthel Easy Bags

I found these handy shopping bags a few months ago and was thoroughly impressed! The Reisenthel Easy Bags fit into your shopping cart, and are easy to fill, then unload at register, and refill and carry out. Keeps all items secure in the bag without having to worry about those little plastic bags overturning in […]

Sole Treadmill for New Year’s Resolution

Well, did you eat enough fudge? Did your Aunt Norma make enough pies for you to sample? You know what happens next, right? New Year’s Resolutions. You can join a gym and have full access to all the germ filled; sweaty equipment (I have issues, you know this) or you can purchase your own equipment […]

Websites for Finding the Best Apps

In case you received a new iPhone or other smartphone for Christmas and want to add some apps to your new pride and joy, here are some great websites for finding apps. If you haven’t noticed, there are billions and trillions of apps now, and sometimes it’s hard to weed through them all to find […]

Consumer Cafe: Recipegirl.com

One of my new favorite websites for recipes is recipegirl.com. Check out her top 25 Favorite Christmas Recipes here. There is not one of these I wouldn’t eat right now if you put it in front of me. Recipegirl.com has a great index for any recipe you may be looking for. The site also has […]