Well, did you eat enough fudge? Did your Aunt Norma make enough pies for you to sample? You know what happens next, right? New Year’s Resolutions. You can join a gym and have full access to all the germ filled; sweaty equipment (I have issues, you know this) or you can purchase your own equipment for your home.

About three years ago, I decided to research treadmills and get a really good one for my home. I purchased the Sole F80, after a lot of research. You may find that this treadmill at $1399 (no tax or shipping) from amazon.com, is more than you need. For me, it was perfect. I had already learned from a trainer that because of my torn meniscus, I needed a treadmill that could take impact better than most, and the Sole F80 fit that criteria. According to the research, the Cushion Flex system on the Sole greatly reduces the impact to your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and spine, making it comfortable for frequent runners or for users with running- and walking-related injuries. In a recent study, researchers concluded that the Cushion Flex deck reduced impact up to 40 percent as compared to running on asphalt. I’m the injury type, not the frequent runner type, in case you were wondering.

I also found out through research that the Sole Treadmill is the one carried by the entire Hilton Hotel line. Sole didn’t expand to the consumer market until 2000. I also wanted a treadmill that folded, and this one met that requirement also. This treadmill has the controls for speed and incline on both the console and the handles, making it very easy to switch. It is heavy in the box, and if you don’t have a couple of people to help you get it in your house or wherever you want it, you may want to plan that out once it arrives. But, once it arrives, and you have it in the spot you want, it is very easy to assemble.

 As you can see from the image, the treadmill has two handlebars on the side, and two grips at the bottom of the console. It has a very long running surface. There are also two deep bins on the console, which I use to keep my water, remote, cell phone, headbands, chapstick, a snickers (just kidding!) and anything else I can think of. Then there is a second tray that has two cup holders and another bin. I’ve never had a need to use the second tray.

I know that there are a lot of treadmills out there that are not this expensive, and that may be the kind for you.  For me, this one was and still is perfect.  I have never had any issue with it at all.  Still in great shape three years later.  And yes, I do actually use it!

Do you have any home exercise equipment? Share with me in the comments section.