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Archives for March, 2013

Consumer Cafe: Deviled Easter Eggs and a Tip!

Why have I never thought of this? My family loves deviled eggs. This year I am going to dye the eggs to make this festive platter. Just boil the eggs like normal, then peel and scoop out the yoke, like normal. Then add different food coloring to cups, and dip the half egg into the […]

Glam Alert: L’Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup

My new foundation fav is the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup. That’s quite a mouthful! See the word “lumi” in the title. That’s what hooked me. I saw an ad in a magazine that it promised to illuminate my skin and make it all dewy and youthful. That’s what us old hags want. […]

Website of the Week: Ebay.com

We have all heard of ebay.com. It’s one of those sites that you may have initially used a lot to find antiques or something you purchased years ago that you could no longer find in stores. At least that was my story. Then last year I was losing weight (yay me) and needed to get […]

Microwave Splatter Covers

I love these Microwave Splatter Covers. They come in a set of four: 2- 5″x5″, 1- 7″x7″, 1- 9″x9″, and are under $8. I prefer these to using a paper towel that ends up becoming part of the food, if you know what I’m saying! Also, they are vented, so the steam doesn’t build up. The […]