You are going to love me today boys and girls!

We all know about Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, right? And that it gets rid of marks on floors, walls, and more? Well, it’s the “MORE”, Imma gonna tell you about today!

This is the driver’s seat in my car. I have used every cleaner known to man, and still cannot get rid of the clothes stains that always seem to leave their mark on my seat.  And no, I do not work in construction.

This is the same seat after using one Magic Eraser sponge on said leather seat.

And this is the same leather seat after using the second Magic Eraser. Turns out I don’t have to have my upholstery recovered after all.

So, for a few bucks, about 10 minutes, and a little elbow grease, you too can have clean leather seats again!

You’re welcome.