I drag out the humidifier about this time every year. I know it’s time because I start waking up every morning with a horrible headache. I have been using a humidifier for many years now and would highly recommend if you don’t already use one. In addition to keeping my nose and throat all moist and healthy, it keeps my skin from drying out.

Another benefit of a humidifier is it also helps your furniture from drying out. So there’s the benefit of not having those killer morning headaches, allergies, congestion, stuffy nose, or cold, the benefit of soft skin throughout the winter months, and your furniture not cracking in dry conditions.

I usually purchase a new humidifier every year or two. I always put a few drops in the water every time I fill it to keep the water clean and bacteria free.  Last year I purchased this humidifier from QVC because it said the water would last several days, and there was no filter that needed to be changed.  Win-win for me.

I hate the humidifier running out of water every night and having to refill it. I know, I know, most will tell you it’s better to replace the water daily but with the Air Innovations Healthy Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier you can go three or four days without having to refill it. That is probably my favorite thing about it. It is very quiet, which I also like. I read some of the reviews on QVC about this humidifier and almost didn’t recommend it to you because it got some bad reviews about leakage. I have not had that issue. It has been my favorite humidifier to date also because it is so easy to transport and fill.

I also use a water treatment each time I fill. The Vista 245 Humidifier Bacteria Water Treatment has the top rating on Amazon. It is the one I use, even though it doesn’t come with free shipping. I used to be able to find a water treatment that killed bacteria at Wal-Mart or Target but couldn’t find them last year so I ordered the Vista. Amazon also has a large selection of humidifiers to choose from. You can review all the different types and find out which one is best for you. As the winter gets dryer and dryer, you will be so happy you have this to keep your air moist.

Just in case you need further proof that you need a humidifier, here is a great article from the Mayo Clinic about the benefits of a humidifier.