If you utilize your iPhone to its full potential, you can read a book, watch a movie, play games, read your emails, text and even make a phone call. Sadly, the battery does not last for hours and hours. I read about the Mophie, a rechargeable external battery pack that attaches to your iPhone to extend the battery life, and purchased one for my son for Christmas. Unfortunately, he did not appear too impressed with his gift. After seeing the Philips version which he purchased for me for Christmas, I understood why.   The Mophie is top rated, but it fits like a case on your phone.  It is designed to be your phone case, but if you have a cute bling case like me (or the otter case like my son), you have to remove it to put the Mophie case on. Hassle…not happening.  The Philips version plugs into the iPhone without requiring the removal of your case! Mophie ranges in price from $40 to $100.  The battery extender allows you to charge your iPhone without being attached to an electrical outlet or your computer; thus, it is much more portable.  I recently purchased, for a friend  in the hospital, the Philips version for $48 at Walmart.  There are several brands,including Mophie, on Amazon, and most claim to double the life of your battery. Regardless of your personal choice, your purchase of an external battery pack will definitely enhance your iPhone experience and make life easier!
Mophie Juice Pack


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