I think I have shopped on QVC almost 20 years.  Long before the internet there was shopping on tv.  Now I do more online shopping with QVC than watching the QVC channel.  They have millions and millions of products.  I love how you can read reviews and get a better feel of whether the product is good or not.  I think QVC reviews are much more honest.  If its crap, the purchaser will tell you its crap.  My most recent purchase on QVC is a winner.  Buy one for yourself and all your friends. It is Item #V30069, Ped Pro Battery Operated Rotating Callus Remover.  It comes in pink (my personal favorite), purple, teal or white.  Even my manicurist wanted to know how the bottoms of my feet were so baby soft.  I’m not kidding!!! I only wish I had discovered it before Christmas, everyone would have gotten one.  Everyone probably will get one next year.  I know we’ve all seen that egg thing on tv – i’ve never tried it so I can’t speak to it but the Ped Pro has a disk that scrapes off all the calluses, and then a buffer to smooth the bottoms of your little feeties.  Even my bff, the biggest skeptic, fell in love with it when she got one and tried it. I must warn you though, the first time you use it you may be a little grossed out by the amount of white powder floating around that has just been scraped off your feet.