For years and years I have used personalized return address labels. I’m pretty sure I’ve ordered every design out there and got to the point where I was bored with them. I started seeing these custom address stampers so naturally I had to have one.  I ordered mine from  They retail for $40.  I ordered one for my husband that contained his college logo at When I purchased mine it was on sale, and if I remember correctly it was about half off.   A variety of these stampers can also be found at  I found some really cute ones from sweetpaperie, foryoo, and stampoutonline, just to name a few sellers at The stampers on etsy range in price from $20 to $30.  (which reminds me, I need to write a post about etsy. . . but I digress.)  You can go crazy ordering these stampers, they may become as addictive to me as the labels! I can see having my own special stampers for holidays and personalized gifts, and even books and baked goods.  Oh boy, I’m in trouble here! If you don’t already have a custom address stamper, you need to get one.