March Madness is the moniker that is given to the NCAA Basketball Tournament. It is a single elimination tournament to crown the #1 team in college basketball.  Our family has played for years and we award a trophy to the winner.  Guess what? The trophy currently resides at my house.  I used to have a ringer, Colin, who started out in junior high filling out the brackets for me.  I won every year.  Then the little bragger couldn’t stand it and had to expose himself to my husband and my son. Wanted all the glory.  You can get a trophy at any trophy shop for less than $10. Family traditions are fun!  You can also play in office pools or just with friends.

The teams will be selected this Sunday, March 13th.  You can find a printable bracket at all the sport websites.  We use fantasy site to fill out our brackets online.  It’s interactive and very user friendly.  Go to the tab marked “fantasy” and from there you can set up your team.  You need to have an administrator who can send out evites to all of your friends or family members you want to join, and then that person sets up their own account on and logs into the name of the group to make selections, etc.  It might be a good idea to go over the rules of the bracket before setting it up.  You need to decide on point values for each game.  Most people give more points for picking an upset. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t. I’m giving you plenty of time to set this all up before Sunday!

Google “march madness picks” Monday and you will come up with numerous experts’ opinions about who to pick for your brackets.  I usually look at several of these and try to decide my picks based on a general consensus since, shockingly, I don’t follow college basketball.  I do have my favorite teams from over the years that have never disappointed me, at least in the first round of picks!  Just think, if you make good picks you can say over and over again in the next few weeks “Duh, WINNING!”