Do you back up your computer? I found this great article that lists eight ways to backup your computer:

I use a flash drive, and only back up twice a year. If you keep a lot of music and/or photographs on your computer you may prefer to use an external hard drive. Or if you want to be really thorough and protective of your data you can backup online and pay a monthly fee. Knock on wood I have never had my computer crash. I really shouldn’t admit that should I?Do you ever feel like as soon as something like that comes out of your mouth it’s just willing it to happen? If it did I still don’t think I would be too upset because I keep my stuff regularly backed up. Now, if I lwas a shutterbug or took pictures of my small children, I definitely think I would back up more often because that’s something that cannot be replaced. So you be the judge of how often you back up, but do so regularly. Right after you buy those fire extinguishers. You bought those, right?

Let me know how you back up your computer and how often.