A friend of mine told me I had to have this – so of course I bought it! I am such a sucker for anything that anyone else has! I was skeptical at first that you could use the mitt without any cleaning product and it would be clean and streak free. Even the demonstration I watched wasn’t streak free. But the demonstrator wasn’t a streak freak like me! When I got it home I immediately used it on a large mirror that is the bane of my existence, and voila! Clean and shiny and streak free. I love it! I actually purchased two, so I could use a separate one just for my televisions and computer monitors. The mitt is made of microfiber chenille. The side shown on the picture below is the cleaner part, and then you flip it over to the other side, which is smooth, for polishing. It has an elastic cuff so it stays on your hand as you are scrubbing like a madman. Can be used on glass, electronics, countertops, and car. No chemicals needed.  Look at me going green! After your house is spotless just throw it in the washer, and just like the mop I recommended in an earlier post, you start out your next cleaning very sanitary.

Sold at amazon.com for $7.40

You can purchase the fuzzy finger, which is great for cleaning keyboards.


amazon.com for $5.08

And should you really want to clean, walk around your house with these fuzzy slippers!



$9.21 at amazon.com