If you are like me and have makeup brushes that after a while start to sort of wing out and lose their shape, have I got a deal for you! Do I sound like one of those late night infomercials? I started using these brush guards on my makeup brushes and it makes such a difference. The brush guard slips right over your brushes and keeps all the fibers tight. They are great to keep brushes in tact for travel, but I use mine every day. It just takes an extra second to slip the guard on and off the brush. They are not expensive at all, at $5.50 per pack, with shipping included in the price. I will tell you though that the brush guards designed for “eye shadow and eye liner” are too small. So I use the blush guards for my eye shadow brushes, the foundation brushes for blush, and any other larger shadow brushes, etc., and the powder/kabuki brush guards fit the largest size brushes. Here is their size chart to help you choose:

The brush guards are also great to slip on makeup brushes right after you clean them. And speaking of cleaning brushes, how do you clean yours? I use baby shampoo and just let them soak for a few minutes, and then rinse. I find that much more effective, not to mention cheaper, than a lot of the makeup brush cleaners.  I’m old, and that’s a tip given to me years ago before you could purchase any such thing.