I’ve told you over and over again how sad I am that the internet wasn’t around when my only child was a little tike.  There are just too many things he missed out on. Brace yourself, but when he lost a tooth, he just stuck it under his own pillow.  Funny story:  once he lost his tooth at bedtime.  I searched the entire house, under cushions, in all the drawers, and seriously did not have a dime to my name.  The next morning my little punkin’ was crushed that there wasn’t a dollar under his pillow.  I told him the tooth fairy had probably already started the route when my son’s tooth came out and surely he would come the next night. . .

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled programming.  I saw these adorable chenille tooth fairy pillows on etsy from the paisley moon.

These are personalized from liltoothlessmonkey (also etsy)

Love this one from bubbles and company.  You can specify hair color of the princess.

How about a baseball themed pillow from baby paige?

Get one for your child or grandchild.  What is the going rate of the tooth fairy these days?