Beautyblender is a hot pink, egg shaped sponge to use when applying makeup.  You can use it on both liquid and mineral powder makeup.  It  is denser than a latex sponge, with no edges, which means no lines or streaks when applying.  It’s a little pricey, at $25 for two sponges, but I’ve had mine for way over a year and I am still on the first one. I recently learned that for more mature women, i.e., me, it is better to apply makeup with a sponge than a brush.  Who knew.  I can tell you for me, I get a much softer air brushed look if I use a sponge to apply foundation, followed by a light amount of finishing powder with a powder puff instead of a brush. I still use the small triangle latex sponge to apply foundation/concealer under my bottom lashes because I find the tip of this sponge is just a little too big.  Who knew the one tiny thing about me is my under eyes.  You are supposed to use the sponge by wetting first, and then dabbing over the face.  I use my Evian spray to give the sponge a slight mist because wetting it seemed to be too much for me.

P.S., you can buy expensive makeup cleaners if you prefer, but I always clean my brushes and sponges in baby shampoo.  Generic baby shampoo.  Very gentle, cheap, and works like a charm.