This may be the single most important post you ever read if you love iced coffee. It’s usually 90 degrees here by 8 am. No way I can drink hot coffee when I am already hot. For years I have continued to brew my coffee hot and then put on ice for the summer months. Then I discovered the Toddy coffee brewer. Well, that’s not entirely true. First I read on the pioneer woman’s site her system involving two large tubs to fill and transfer, and filters, and cheesecloth, and I thought, never in a million years would I go to that much trouble. Shortly after, I was reading a magazine and saw the ad for the Toddy. I honestly had never heard of such a contraption or I would have ordered years ago.


So, here’s the deal. You take a pound of coffee and water and let it steep for at least 12 hours in the top container, which has a filter on the bottom and a stopper. Then you place over the decanter for the coffee concentrate to drain into the decanter. The decanter comes with a lid for storage in the refrigerator. Most of what I read said the coffee would last you two weeks, but so far it last me a week. You can use cold or hot water.  Add 2/3 water to 1/3 of the concentrate when ready to serve. The wonderful thing about this, which I didn’t know before, is that if you use this method it reduces the acid in the coffee by 67%. Who knew coffee had acid? Ok, if you say everyone keep it to yourself because I had no clue!

The system comes with two filters and one stopper. The instructions state that each filter last ten uses, so for me I have enough with two filters for 20 weeks of coffee.

This coffee is fabulous. It taste so good. It is so easy to make and the package comes with detailed instructions. The thing I was worried about the most was that there would be coffee grounds in the decanter.  Not a one! You can also make tea with the system.

There is nothing better these days then waking up to 90 degree temperatures to start off the day and have my coffee cold and ready to serve.

I promise if you order this you will thank me. If you are a coffee lover you might even name your first born after me.