If you are looking for a brand of eyeshadow with the largest selection of colors, MAC eyeshadow is the place.  If you are looking for a true pigment, MAC is it.  It took me a long time to even try MAC because I always thought it was too expensive, and the stores themselves are a little intimidating.  But once you cross over the MAC line, you are hooked.  The best thing about MAC eyeshadow is that when I apply it, it stays there.  It doesn’t flake off and fall down under my eyes or on my cheeks, where I have to redo that makeup or do the eyes first and then the makeup.  It stays put.  My current favorite MAC eyeshadows (because I know you want to copy me) are gesso, aqua, quarry, and mulch.

Each eyeshadow pot is $15.  I have been using mine for well over six months and haven’t even put a dent in one of them.  They are sold individually, or you can create your own palette.  My suggestion is not to buy the palettes that are sold through MAC.  I love the  Z palette, which comes in pink, leopard, black, or zebra.  You can also buy the eyeshadow depotted at MAC for $11.50, which will save you $3.50 per shadow.  You’ll have that Z palette paid for in no time at all.

What is a Z palette you ask? Well, you can depot your eyeshadows, blushes, etc., and put them all in one container, that has a magnetic bottom.  The Z palette is the best because it doesn’t have any holders, like the palettes shown at MAC.  That means that you can add any size to the Z pallette. Here are two youtube videos on how to depot, using either the oven, or a straight iron method: gossmakeupartist, makeupgeek.  Using a Z palette makes you feel like a real diva!

When traveling, I would suggest getting the unii palette.  It has the same great qualities as the Z pallette, but holds a smaller amount, and the hard case will prevent any breakage when bouncing around in your purse or suitcase.  But just in case you do break one, you can also youtube how to repair it.  Don’t throw that broken eyeshadow or blush out!

Let me know if you are a MAC user what your favorites are (because you know I want to copy you) or if you have a palette for your makeup.