I watched this clip originally during the Winter Olympics last year. I know that there will be a lot of coverage for this 10 year anniversary but I would urge you to make time to watch this story about the town of Gander Newfoundland, and how the entire community came together on 911 to provide food and shelter to the thousands of passengers who were in flight on September 11th to the United States, but were diverted to Canada. It is a remarkable story. In the chaos that followed this disaster, few even thought about what happened to all the planes that were in air at the time. I cannot imagine how scared these passengers were, but they were welcomed in this small community. It is a 45 minute clip, which I know is long, but you will be hooked within the first few minutes. I am so proud to be an American. So proud of the spirit that Americans showed on September 11th and afterwards. I am also so thankful that Canada welcomed my fellow Americans with open arms during this crisis. This story shines a bright light on the better part of our humanity.

Update July 20, 2012 – The link above no longer works.  I searched for hours to find the clip originally, and only found it on the one website. I am leaving this post in the hopes that the link will return, but I know as of today it is broken. Sorry!