We all know what a clean freak I am. I was always trying to find a cloth around the house to clean my touchscreen devices. Now I have found something that is so much quicker and easier and effective to use so I have to share. The Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pads come in a set of three for $9. A few quick swipes across the screen and it is spotless. All the fingerprints and smudges disappear. And I love the leather handle on the back! So easy to use and give the glass screen a good scrubbin’! And easy to find close by for a quick cleaning. I can actually slip mine into my iPad case so it’s always handy.

From Targus:

The Targus CleanVu™ Cleaning Pads for iPad offer an ideal way to effectively remove fingerprints and residue from the screen without using a cleaning solution. The reusable wipe is sized perfectly for the iPad and features a durable faux leather backing with built-in handle for easy use. The cleaning pad material is made of soft, scratch-resistant faux suede that is safe to use on the screen. CleanVu cleaning pads can also be used in conjunction with the Targus Zierra Case/Stand for iPad which actually stores inside of the iPad case. Compact for easy travel, CleanVu pads are a simple and effective screen wipe for iPads and most touchscreen tablet devices. One package includes two pads in black and one in red.

These pads come in a set of three which allows you to keep one for yourself and give two away as gifts! I have already given my two extras away to two very happy campers!