Don’t think for a moment that I just randomly pick apps to tell you about. I probably downloaded 25 Thanksgiving game apps and tested before deciding which one to share with you. It’s a tough job, but I will color and play for you, my dear readers!

This looked like the easiest game for a small child to play. And you know I love to entertain the small children so they don’t get bored around me! The Paint and Play Yummy Thanksgiving app allows you to color a turkey, and then turn it into a puzzle too! So it’s double the fun!

From the developer:

Kids of all ages will love the beautiful illustrations to color. Enjoy the musical sounds as you finger touches the screen as you stroke you brush. In addition, enjoy beautiful sparkle effects whilst painting.

Once complete you can save or email your picture. But, that’s not all! Take your picture and play with it in a challenging Slider puzzle or memory building match game!