Try not to be too disappointed to not get an app this week. I just wanted to share a quick tip I figured out over the Christmas holidays. Most of you probably have already figured this out but just humor me, okay?

I have an iPhone and an iPad and I love to send text messages and emails to all my friends and family. Around Christmas-time, I was irritated that every time I typed the word “Christmas” the device would not capitalize the first letter as it often does with other words. So I went into my settings, then to general settings, then to keyboard settings, then to shortcuts. I entered Christmas to be always capitalized. I also FINALLY fixed my LOL problem.  Every time I typed LOL it came out “Lol”. It irritated me. So I changed that to always change to LOL, and then went a step further to the popular ROFLMAO. I also removed the copyright symbol that would appear if I just typed the letter C.

An added benefit was that when I went to make the changes to my iPad, the changed had already been made on it! I only had to do this to one device. Gotta love the iCloud!

Now I am happy, happy, happy. If you have a word or phrase, or acronym that your smartphone is always auto correcting to something you don’t want, or not correcting something you think should be corrected, just go to your settings and fix it! Problem solved.