My son is getting married and my only responsibility is to throw a kick-ass rehearsal dinner. We have already decided on a Mexican restaurant for the location. Naturally each table will need to be decorated, so instead of spending hundreds of dollars on flower arrangements, I went scouring the internet for something cute. I hit the jackpot at, and purchased these adorable lanterns for $7 each. Free shipping! Yay me! I plan on spray painting them in bright colors like yellow and green and then using some Mexican hot sauce jars and/or Mexican beer bottles for some flowers I plan on picking up at a wholesale flower shop. It will be a DIY table arrangement sort of thing, but don’t you worry, I’ve already recruited little helpers. I’ll have everything ready to go and will try and remember to send you all a picture of how it turns out. It’s not until October, so I could forget between now and then!

Anyway, back to this great website. Not only do they have pages and pages AND PAGES of different lanterns to choose from, they have all sorts of stuff for your house, inside and out. Here are just a few of some other great things I found just looking at their site.

Love this bathroom cabinet for $78! I purchased two for my bathroom years ago for over $200 each!

Adorable canopy for $12!!!

Small accent mirror for $24.


Cast iron birdbath for $49. My husband could get this for me for my birthday! Hint-hint!!!

I love a bargain as you all should know by now, and I love now too.