If you don’t like stores, or stores that run out of your favorite products, or having to go to several stores for products, drugstore.com is one stop shopping for health and beauty.One of the best things is that drugstore.com is partnered with beauty.com, so when you search for a product it is searching both websites. You just add what you want to your cart and it all rings up together.Or you can go to www.beauty.com and do the same thing. drugstore.com always has free shipping for purchases over $49 and you earn 5% cash back on every purchase. A few weeks ago I had accumulated $14 in my account. So when you start off at ebates, and then add those savings, and the free shipping, oh and did i mention no sales tax (in Texas), well its practically free. Another great thing about drugstore is “your list”. Every time you purchase something on the site it saves it to your list. Also, if you hear or read of a product you want to try later (but don’t have enough items to purchase to get the free shipping) you can locate it and save to your list. Then when you are ready to purchase you just click off the items that are saved to your list – add anything else you need, and badda bing you are done. For me it is a real time saver and their prices are very competitive. So much better than going to the store only to find out they are out of your favorite product.


My latest find is It Cosmetics Nail Love. I have used this product on my cuticles for three days and can already tell a huge difference. After Christmas and all the wrapping and cooking and dried out hands my cuticles are usually in horrible shape. Just a few days after using this stuff and I almost look normal again! Its $12 so go save to your list!