I have had several friends order large prints from this website.  You upload as little as 20 up to hundreds of your digital photos and they make a mosaic photo for you with your choice of the one picture you want all the mosaic photos to form.  I have seen these and they are fabulous.  A great mother’s day gift, christmas gift, gift for a grandparent too.  Their prices range from $25 for an 8×10 print to $169 for a 30×45 canvas! I think that is a great price.  You will have to frame on your own but in my area lots of framing places often have a 50-60% off coupons for that so if you think ahead you can get a great lifetime memory for a loved one.  Hopefully you can see the general effect of the print above but they have many samples on their website.  I hope you check it out!  According to their website:

A photo mosaic is a picture produced by arranging many smaller tile photos to form a vibrant larger picture. At Design A Mosaic, we use your digital images for the tile photos to re-create another one of your photos. In essence, your smaller photos will make up your larger photo.