Google it has become the standard term when someone has a question about anything and everything. I just looked it up and according to Wikipedia, fearing the genericizing and potential loss of its trademark Google has discouraged use of the word as a verb. So just to be clear so I do not get a cease and desist letter from Google, I am in fact referring to the brand. Now, for the post:Many, many years ago before the world wide web, people actually had to search and search and search for the perfect gift that their child wanted from Santa in real life stores. Which involved driving. And parking. And walking. And crowds. And when it couldn’t be found, parents would call their friends in other cities (and had to pay a per minute long distance call so that call was always considered an emergency) to have them search for said item in their fair towns.

Fast forward about 20+ years, and now, if you can’t find it, honey they don’t make it. If only the world wide web had been around back then, some particular mother wouldn’t recall with sadness her son on Christmas morning asking her “why would Santa bring me something I didn’t want?”  Yes, it really happened. . .

So now I think that pain has led me to never give up until I find it through Google. I have in the past searched and searched and searched the web, because I know it’s out there, only to click on links that weren’t even remotely close to what I was trying to find. One day I clicked the “Images” tab. It made my heart sing. What a time saver!

In the future if you are looking for a product, instead of doing a Google web search, try a Google image search.  If you haven’t figured this little trick out before now, try it. And if you figured this out years ago please don’t tell me.  I want to be the smart techy one.