Scentsy is such a clever product. No wick.  No flame. The Scentsy warmer uses a low watt bulb to melt the candle wax.  The warmers come in regular size as shown below, a slightly smaller size, and even plug-ins. No more worrying about leaving a candle burning when you leave the house. Or a fire. Or melting your flat screen TV. Really, it happens. . .
This is their current Warmer of the Month, which I just ordered. Isn’t it adorable? I am a sucker for their warmers designed to go with holidays, seasons, etc. They also have college and military warmers. Smart.  Makes me buy more warmers. Think that was their goal?
Scentsy is sold by consultants. My friend, Dawn, is a consultant for Scentsy and her website link is listed above. Full disclosure, Dawn has not offered me so much as a free scent bar for putting her link above. She makes me pay retail. But she’s really, really nice.  So order from her.