Many, many years ago, I used to have eyelashes so long that they touched my eyebrows. Really!

I have used Rapid Lash for over a year now and just love the results! I used it originally every night for six weeks.  It takes about that time to notice a significant difference so don’t give up. I now use it about once a week just to keep the lashes long.  Intermittently I apply every night again for about two weeks.  The tube is supposed to last about 60 days but it will last much longer than that.  I think I’ve only used two tubes in two years. I know there are several products out there that claim to grow longer lashes.  There are even some that require a prescription.  I tried Rapid Lash because I liked the price.  I’ve seen the lash enhancers at salons for over $100.  I found Rapid Lash on for $49. Since that time I look for a good sale price on it.  Found it today on for $23.16 (and eligible for free shipping if you add something else to your order to make it total $25).

Rapid Lash would be one of my top ten makeup products.  It gave me significantly longer, fuller eyelashes!