Remember scrapbooking? I remember years ago making a scrapbook for my son’s senior year of high school.  All year I collected photographs of him at all of his senior events, sporting events, etc.  I purchased cute background paper, stickers, equipment, and every time I knew he would be out of the house for a few hours I would drag out all my stuff and work on the scrapbook.  I gave it to him at graduation and he loved it. After it was all said and done (don’t tell my husband) I probably spent about $800!!!!

Several years ago I worked in a law firm and met this wonderful family who had lost their son in a construction accident.  I decided to make them photo books with the numerous photos they had given me of their son.  I found shutterfly, and I was completely in awe with how easy it was to upload the photos, design the book, and even pick out cute background paper! All for less than $50!!!

I was hooked.  A dear friend of mine had a baby and I did a photo book for her documenting her first year, and then second, then third. I think it was more fun for me than the recipient.  I love making them.  The picture below is an example of how they look.  It comes out as a bound book.  You can write your own captions or stories with each photo.  You can make the entire front (and back) of the book a photo, and you can decide on each page whether or not you want it to contain one photo, or two, or more! You control the layout, the background, everything!

Shutterfly has sales often.  Right now is 30% off photo books, and free shipping on orders over $30.  Subscribe to their site to receive all special offers via email.