There are a million uses for baby oil. Some use it for removing eye makeup.  It’s also great for removing those pesky stickers on glass frames. My favorite use for baby oil is to apply on my legs and arms immediately after getting out of the shower. I have done this for years and years thanks to a tip from a friend.  I think it makes my skin so soft and consequently I don’t have to use as much lotion. I think it’s a big reason I’ve never had dry skin in the winter. Well that and using a humidifier at night, but that’s for another post. I use the generic brand of baby oil. Wal-Mart sells a 20 oz. size of its store brand, Equate, for about $2.50. I use Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, because to me that would be adding some additional ingredients to make it softer. You know how my brain works. Johnson & Johnson and Equate have a baby oil gel also, but both containers are very difficult to get product out.

I recently tried Vaseline’s baby oil gel and its ease of use is a lot better. I keep this by the tub to use after a bath just because it’s in a smaller container that I can keep with all my other bath products. Since it’s a gel, it is naturally a little thicker. It’s great to put on the bottom of your feet with socks before bedtime. Oh look, another use.

If you have a great tip for baby oil, please share with me in the comment section.