Have you tried any of the Fresh products? Are you an addict like me? They have skin care, body care, makeup, fragrances, hair care, and soaps. I think I have about five of their fragrances; my current favorite is Fig Apricot. The fragrances are so clean and fresh – so the brand name is perfect. I recently purchased the Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment, after a friend recommended it. She actually recommended the Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment, but since its springtime, and I am very fair skinned, I decided to go with the lighter tint.

Now, you know I am a huge fan of the Canus Lip Balm, but it has no color, so I thought I would try the Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment to stick in my purse as a little go-to lipstick. I am not a big lipstick person, I like my balms, and I like my glosses. The Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment offers a hint of color, with the benefit of an SPF 15, nourishing, and protecting lip treatment. It’s my new glam favorite! Get one for yourself and add as a staple to any girlie gift basket you make for a friend!