Gone are the days of keeping recipes torn out of magazines, or handwritten on the back of a napkin hoping some day to actually make it into a recipe book. At least for me. I love finding great recipes online. Two of my favorites are http://www.foodnetwork.com and http://thepioneerwoman.com/tasty-kitchen because they have online recipe boxes! When you find a recipe you like on their sites you can save to your own recipe box, and even put the recipes in categories for quick reference. Love that feature. I’m sure there are many food sites out there that offer the same thing.

Tasty Kitchen is part of thepioneerwoman.com, which is one of my favorite sites (Rhonda refers to her as “the farm lady”). Ree Drummond is The Pioneer Woman and along with recipes, her blog contains a “confessions” section, home schooling section, home and garden section, and photography section. The Tasty Kitchen contains Ree’s recipes along with members’ submitted recipes. What’s great about this site and the pioneer woman, Ree, is the step-by-step instructions with photographs taken along the way. So ingenious! Wish I had thought of that!

Foodnetwork.com has tons of recipes from the various shows on the Food Network. See it on a show? Find the recipe on this site. Type in a recipe you are looking for and I guarantee you will find at least ten variations of the recipe. Each recipe will contain a difficulty level (I always shoot for “easy”) and user ratings. I love me some user ratings! Not only do you find out if the dish is good or not, but sometimes will find variations to the same recipe that someone tried and improved on.

Share your favorite online recipe sites with  me please in the comments section!