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Archives for May, 2011

Glam alert: brush guards for makeup brushes

If you are like me and have makeup brushes that after a while start to sort of wing out and lose their shape, have I got a deal for you! Do I sound like one of those late night infomercials? I started using these brush guards on my makeup brushes and it makes such a […]

Pajama Party at pajamagram.com

Years ago I got this as a gift from a dear friend, and as usual, have since given it as a gift! Not only does pajamagram have a great selection of comfy adorable pajamas, but they also come with a cute organza hatbox, do not disturb sign, and bath confetti! Another great thing you can […]

Twit? Tweet? Twut is Twitter? I’ll explain

I am not embarrassed to admit that I have been a tweeter for at about five years. I started subscribing to hamsterwatch, which is a blog that gives Big Brother updates. I’m not embarrassed about that either! I didn’t even know it was called Twitter, but I would get these updates to my cell phone […]

Funny and inspirational refrigerator magnets

I’ve been shopping at fridgedoor.com for years. My favorites are the quotable magnets. I’ve got these all over my fridge, and they are great for gifts. I love giving quotable magnets to friends/family that need encouragement, support, or just a good laugh. But they have a large selection of humor, super hero, animal, food, poetry, […]