A few years ago I read that a silk pillowcase would help prevent wrinkles and hair breakage. You know me, I ran out and bought one immediately. While I can’t tell you if I’ve noticed any benefit from it, I like to believe that I  have probably saved my face from any additional wrinkles and my hair is silky just like the pillow. It has to be less harsh on your face and hair than a cotton pillowcase. I no longer wake up with any creases on my face, that’s for sure! I also think that the mounds of moisturizer I slather on my face before bed seem to stay on a little better than being immediately sucked up by a cotton pillowcase. The fabric is cooler than cotton, which I enjoy. Finally, dust mites, mold, and funguses do not like silk, so for germaphobes (like moi) or allergy sufferers, a silk pillowcase would be great next to your nose and mouth at night!


This is one of the cheapest I found at amazon.com for $19.98. Believe it or not they can range in price all the way up to $75. If you think that the price will make you look better feel free to get one that is more expensive.