You know I love a personalized gift. When I saw this site recently in my Southern Living Magazine, I must admit I got a few little heart flutters. sells kits to create your own paperweight.  You can use a photo, wedding invitation, artwork, dried flower, keepsake, or even a ticket to a game or concert. The possibilities are endless and you get to create it.  All paperweights are glass and sold with everything you need to create your own paperweight.  All very reasonably priced between $8 to $18.

From website:

PhotoWeights offer an array of glass paperweights perfect for displaying photographs, artwork, crafts, vintage paper, and a variety of other treasures.  Your designs are displayed underneath the glass paperweights, capturing and preserving them for years to come.

Our handcrafted glass paperweights are beautifully made in the United States.  Each paperweight is sold as a do-it-yourself kit that includes a mounting board for your artwork and a velvet bottom pad to cover the base of each paperweight.  These pieces are pre-cut and self-adhesive for fast, hassle-free results.

This would be such a great gift idea also for your boss or co-worker by simply using their business card!

I love the idea of taking a piece or two of my mother’s jewelry and putting it in one of these.  I would love to have that sitting on my desk.  Don’t worry, she didn’t have any “real” stuff, but I have lots of plastic containers with her jewelry.

Let me know if you have any other great ideas to put in these paperweights in the comment section.