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Archives for August, 2011

Glam Alert: Kerastase Hair Care Products

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about Sally’s Beauty Supply Generic Brand? This will be the opposite of that.  Kerastase is the most expensive of all my hair care products. Pricey, but like me, darn well worth it. As I told you before, I like to switch it up a little in […]

Website of the Week: quirky.com

This will be the most fun you will have all week.  Quirky.com is one of a kind.  Think of it as a storefront for inventors.  So many innovative things for sale.  On the individual item’s page you can read about the inventor.  Be aware that there are three stages of items listed for sale.  1) […]

Help! I need a lot of help!

For all my travel buddies.  No one should leave home without these! Help Remedies Contains 7 help packets. Or you can buy each individually for $4. Great stocking stuffer.  Great to have at the office too.  

Recycling Everyday Items

Read this fabulous article recently in Woman’s Day and wanted to share with you. Great tips on recycling and donating. Avoid the landfill by giving new life to electronics, shoes, eyeglasses and more By now you’ve probably got the hang of recycling the easy stuff, like newspapers, aluminum cans and cardboard boxes. But what about […]