It’s that time of year again. The heat is finally leaving us and the allergy/cold season is coming. Actually the allergy season hit me over the weekend. Watery eyes, sneezing, good times. I thought I would share with you a few of my go-to products to keep around the house during the fall and winter.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicola. These cough drops have been around since 1940. Must be doing something right. The cough drops soothe your throat, and really, REALLY suppress the cough. I have a bag of these in my kitchen and in my desk drawer. When the allergies flared up over the weekend, I made sure to run out to the store and get a fresh bag for the season. Ricola also carries a sugar free version. Available at your local grocery store, drugstore, or online.

Wellness Formula. Someone told me about these little gems a few years back and always keep them stocked in the pantry. Wellness Formula is a supplement that helps fight off any bad little bug you come down with. The important thing is to take the pills as soon as you start feeling ill. Wellness Formula contains a powerful combination of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals formulated to boost your well-being. They recommend you also take daily to maintain your immune system. The pills are rather large. Does everyone refer to large pills as horse tablets or is that just a southern thing?

Hot tea with honey. This is a must have for me before going to bed. For some reason, probably more mental than physical, it coats my throat and makes me feel better. While looking for a graphic of hot tea for this post, I found this picture, with these handy honey packets. The Honibe packets come in Honey or Honey and Lemon. I haven’t tried them yet but just placed an order because I like the idea of just putting a little drop in my tea. Sometimes I get a little heavy handed with the honey. Portion control.

If you still have a cough even though I gave you the above remedies, try putting Vick’s Vapor Rub on the bottom of your feet, then cover with socks and go to bed. It gets rid of your cough and allows you to sleep. It really works. Unless you have really dry, cracked heels, then it burns and you will be mad at me. I know this from personal experience. Oopsie!

Also, although I have never tried it, another old wife’s tail is to put onion in your socks it gets rid of a fever. Why is it called an “old wife’s tail”? Let’s change that to “smart mother cure”.

Flu shots are available everywhere now. We get ours at Walgreens. It’s cheaper and quicker than going to the doctor. And if you are over 64, you can get a pneumonia vaccine there also.

Finally, when you leave the supermarket or mall, wash your hands as soon as you get in your car with an antibacterial soap or wipe. I buy the pocketbac hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works. They are about $1 a piece, and you can clean your hands with them with no sticky residue. Look at these cute fall scents they have currently.


What are your home remedies or cures for colds or flu? Share with me in the comment section.