This is Patti’s recipe but she couldn’t come up with a clever name so I did.  This is the go-to cake that you will want to take to a sick neighbor, office luncheon, thank you for picking up my mail, teacher appreciation, bake sale, any occasion cake.  It’s one of those recipes that people will BEG you for the recipe, and you just need to tell them you would have to kill them.  Family recipe.  Once my neighbor (who picked up my mail while I was on vacation) swore it had rum in it.  Keep guessing lady!


Take a yellow cake mix (or you can use a butter pecan cake mix, or a chocolate cake mix, or a german chocolate cake mix, or whatever cake mix you want) and make according to directions.  Then, and here’s the secret ingredient:

Add a can of coconut pecan frosting to the mix, and then bake per instructions on the cake mix box.  Do not try and be clever like I did the first time and add two cans of frosting, because it is too much.  It is delicious.  Promise!