I must admit that even though I heard the Rusk line of products was good, I had not purchased any because the brand name sort of bothered me. Rusk? Too manly.  Sounds like rust. Not a good choice.  But one day while at TJ Maxx looking down the beauty aisle, I found Rusk Blofoam for $9 and decided to buy it. I thought that was a bargain because it was at 1) TJ Maxx; and 2) the beauty aisle looks like an aisle of beauty clearance prices. Surely this stuff must cost $25, right? Wrong. While looking for the product on line for the link, I found it at Amazon for $5.49. Lesson learned. Again. Why do I have to learn so many lessons?

Back to the subject.  I love this stuff.  It adds texture and volume to my hair and the bottle is huge at 8.8 ounces!

I have to be honest though.  Loving the Rusk Blofoam, I ventured out and purchased another hair care product:  Rusk Jel FX.  Hated it. A little dab was really too much and weighed my hair down and made it sticky, icky. Yuk. Probably best for someone who wants to spike short hair.  So I am 1 for 1 on the Rusk line.

Have you ever tried the Rusk line of products? What are your thoughts?