I have to admit; when I first saw these it gave me pause. But after thinking about it, if I had a small child, I probably would order them. I remember the fears I had of my son getting lost. I think they would come in very handy if you were taking your child to the fair, or a large sporting event where the crowds are so large and there is always the possibility that your little one could get away from you. I also think the medical ones would be great when your child was going to a birthday party, starting school, or any kind of new environment, just to make sure everyone was aware of the allergy. Tottoos.org sells customized safety decals designed specifically for small children.

The price seems very reasonable.  You can get a set of 15 customized identification tottoos, or customized medical tottoos for $13, plus $2.50 for shipping. According to the website, they are applied just like a temporary tattoo, but do not dissolve in water. The tottoos come with disposable towelettes that easily remove them.

I would love to hear what you think about these in the comments section.