I have to be honest here. I do not have this problem in my household.  We are both very comfortable in our comphy sheets. However, I do know many couples that have one person who likes to be smothered in blankets while the other just likes a sheet, no matter how cold it is outside.  For those of you, a friend of mine told me she purchased sheets that are half fleece and half cotton from splitthesheets.com. I also found the same sheets by the same company sold at Sears. The sheets are the same price at Sears, but you get free shipping to store at Sears, and splitthesheets.com charges $16 for shipping. Plus you can search for Sears coupons on line to lower the price even more. You have to determine if you would rather pay sales tax and pick up the sheets at Sears or order from splitthesheets.com, and not pay sales tax but pay shipping.

My friend says that both she and her husband love these sheets and were thrilled when they found them.