If you follow this blog on a regular basis, you know that I cannot stand dry lips. I always have to have some gloss or lipstick or chapstick on my lips. I have posted before about my love of lip balm. And I still use the Fresh Lip Balm and the Canus Lip Balm. But I have added Nivea Lip Care to my repertoire.

The Cherry, Berry Swirl, and Shimmer have a touch of color to them that I really like.


I also have the Milk and Honey and Moisture for just moisture without color.

If you have extremely dry or chapped lips, try the Recovery Medicated Lip Protectant.

I have these all over my house. In my office, on my treadmill, by the couch, by my nightstand. They are like my reading glasses; you can’t go too many steps without locating one. All of the lip balms are about $3 at most drugstores. The only one I really have had a problem finding is the Cherry. And of course it is my favorite. So if you find the Cherry, pick up one, or two, or seven, for me.