I recently visited my friend Sally at her lakehouse. In addition to getting to spend time with my wonderful friend, I always discover new products when I am with her. One is the Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers. The microwaveable packages contain everything you need, except for the tortillas, lettuce, and tomatoes. The meat is included in the package. I have tried both the Carne Asada Steak and the Mesquite Chicken stuffers. I think the Mesquite Chicken is my favorite, but it is a very close tie with the other.  Sally made them with low carb tortillas, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, and tomatoes. They were delicious. You can make them like that, or do what I do, which is to pop the bag in the microwave for 60 seconds, and then pour in a bowl with the shredded lettuce and grape tomatoes for what I like to call a “salad”. I’m saving all those calories from the tortillas. It’s still just as yummy. And it’s not because I’m lazy. Really.

So, for a quick lunch or dinner, you need to look for these yummy Tortilla Stuffers next time you are at the supermarket.