My all time, hands down, favorite tweezer is Tweezerman. I have used Tweezerman for years. I’ve probably tried all the brands you can pick up at the drugstore before finally spending the extra money to buy Tweezerman. What I like the most about them is they are very accurate, don’t pull or tug or rip your skin, and get those pesky little hairs out very painlessly. Tweezerman tweezers come with a lifetime warranty. I used this warranty on my first pair, and while waiting 4-6 weeks for the tweezers to be returned and sharpened, I learned two things 1) I cannot go 4-6 weeks without tweezers, so I ended up buying a new Tweezerman tweezer; and 2) I didn’t think the sharpened one worked as well as the new replacement one. Besides, Tweezerman is always coming up with cute new colors or prints, so why stick with one color?