There are lots of cute and quirky USB drives these days. All serve the same purpose. To store a bazillion documents or photos on one little teeny, tiny little plug in. Are you old enough to remember floppies or diskettes? Sadly, I go back to the prehistoric days of typewriters! Everything started out as an original back then.

Oh look, I lost focus. Back to the subject. I found some adorable USB drives on Etsy and wanted to share.

Here’s a cute guitar one for $75 from cerriousdesign.

These are made to look like camera film for $30 from newfocus.


Ones that are made to look like fishing lures from flashyfishdrive.


Here is a personalized leather case for carrying an ordinary flash drive from rntn for $18.50.


Charlie Brown Pez Dispenser Flash Drive for $25 from dhhdesign. There are about 800 different ones to choose from, so if your Dad has a particular interest, you could just search for a USB drive in that area and I’m sure you would find one! Also, Etsy is always a great site for finding anything.  So if your Dad is into Charlie Brown, just put Charlie Brown in the search bar and you will come up with lots of ideas!

There are lots of girly USB drives too! Just in case you were wondering . . .