is a one-stop shop for all your magazine needs. Now, stick with me, because I’m going to tell you how to safe A LOT of money on your magazine subscriptions.

I previously posted about Ebates, and how you can get rebates/refunds/cash back on your online purchases. If you have not signed up for Ebates, PLEASE do so. It is truly so easy, and I have hundreds of dollars in Ebates Big Fat Checks to prove it!

So, is one of the thousands of stores that you can get cash back from Ebates. Normally, the rate is 26%. That means whatever your total is from, you will be receiving 26% of that purchase back from ebates. Sounds good, right? Except sometimes Ebates has 40% back, and sometimes it has 52% cash back. That’s right, you will get over half of the purchase price refunded to you. AND, it doesn’t stop there because if you search, you will always find a coupon code for Typically you can find a coupon for at least $5 off your purchase. If you are signed up for Ebates, and receive their “Daily Double” email, you will want to take advantage of renewing your subscriptions through It’s very easy, even if you have a current subscription, to purchase a new subscription, and then combine the two. I did this the first time I ordered through, and had no problem. And fortunately for me, all my magazines are listed on, including my local favorite, Texas Monthly.

And remember, you can gift a magazine and the recipient will never know you paid half of the renewal price.

So, to recap,, good. through Ebates, even better!