If you are still keeping your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, may I suggest the line of Thinner Digital Scales. I have had mine for over 10 years and it is STILL accurate. It weighs me the same as the doctor’s office and Weight Watchers. I love the digital scales so much better than the analog because there is no fudging on the weight.  It will tell you exactly how much you weigh.  Right there in black and white!

Love the Teak one.

The Brushed Aluminum and Glass is also tres chic.

Thinner is a line from Conair. As long as you see “Thinner” on the scale somewhere, it’s a good ‘un. I purchased one for my son that was glass. It measured his body weight and BMI and all that fancy stuff. I just need to know how much I weigh. So I can decide if I can have a cupcake. Or not.