We have all heard of youtube.com, so why do I need to blog about it? Well it’s more than just watching silly videos of cats. So in case you didn’t know other things you can find on youtube let me enlighten you.

You can watch instructional videos. I just looked in my “favorites” category to give you a few examples. Yes, if you like a video that you want to see again without searching for it, you can save to your favorites.

  • I learned how to program my garage door opener to link with my car.
  • I learned how to use a foam roller to stretch my IT band.
  • I learned how to do a smokey eye.

Also, it’s a way to save some of your favorite clips. I have a few that always bring a smile to my eye when I watch them. I have a Dancing With the Stars Maks and Mel B dancing the Viennese Waltz. I have a Toddlers and Tiaras clip that cracks me up. I have a few Adele live performances that give me chills. And I even saved Johnny Football’s Heisman Trophy acceptance speech. There’s a few others, but they are a little too raunchy to share with everyone. Not all have my sense of humor.

Another great way to utilize youtube is to discover new music. My son sent me a text a few days ago that said simply: “Alabama Shakes. Go Listen. You’re Welcome.” And he was right. I discovered a new group that I had never heard before and now love. It’s so much better to watch a performance on youtube than to listen to a small clip of the sound on iTunes. Here. I want you to love Alabama Shakes too so go watch Hold On.

I have subscriptions that I follow on youtube. I love to watch Wendy Williams After Show. She does a short clip in her office every day after the show. Hence the name. It’s funny and unfiltered. There are lots of “channels” on youtube that you can subscribe to.

How do you use youtube?